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        [CATV]DGW-TX0862 Series



        DGW-TX0862 Series

        1550nm External Modulation Optical Transmitter 개요 디지윌 DGW 3542는 Video/Audio 신호를 MPEG2/H.264 SD/HD로 encoding후 ATSC로 modulation하는 제품입니다. Encoding module(HDMI/HD-SDI)이 카드형식으로 구성되어 있어 필요에 따라 맞는 카드로 쉽게 바꾸어 사용할 수 있는 구조입니다. 또한 고객의 다양한 요구를 충족하기 위해 1xASI input, 2xASI output, 1xUDP IP port를 제공합니다. 주요특징

        High performance: Externally modulated technology, no laser chirp, low dispersion distortion, high extinction ratio, with excellent characteristic within 40~862MHz.

        Narrow bandwidth (0.65MHz), lower noise, DFB continuous wave laser, is propitious to reduce the influence of the dispersion.

        The operating bandwidth is up to 47~1080MHz.

        CNR ≥ 53dB and excellent CTB, CSO index.

        SBS: 13~18dBm adjustable

        ITU standard wavelength, ±200GHz (±1.6nm) adjustable.

        AGC/MGC mode is optional at spot. OMI can be optimized at spot.

        Perfect RS232 communication interface.

        Advanced SNMP network management function.1U (19” stander), 1+1 power supply backup, switch automatically

        1U, offering status appearance and diagnosing fault with LCD, standard RS232 communication interface, SNMP network management function

        Excellent P/P ratio in area

        Performance Index Supplement
        Optic feature Operating wavelength (nm) 1548~1563 DGW-TX0862C
        ITU-TG.692 DGW-TX0862U
        Wavelength ADJ. range (nm) ±1.6(±200GHz) DGW-TX0862C
        Wavelength ADJ. mode   ±0.05nm stepping DGW-TX0862U
        Wavelength stability (Pm/℃) -1~0 Tc=20~70℃
        Linewidth (MHz) Typ.=0.65 FWHM(△λ), (-3dB fullwidth)
        Side mode suppression ratio (dB) ≥45 SMSR
        Equivalent noise intensity   ≤-160 RIN(20~1000MHz)
        Number of output port   2  
        Output power (dBm) 7.0 2×5, 2×7, 2×9, 2×10
        Return loss (dB) ≥50  
        Optical  connector   SC/APC Optional FC/APC, LC/APC
        RF feature Work bandwidth (MHz) 47~862  
        Input level (dBmV) 18~28 AGC
        Flatness (dB) ≤±0.75 47~862MHz
        Return loss (dB) >16  
        Input impedance (Ω) 75  
        RF port   F-Female  
        Link feature CNR1 (dB) ≥53.0 ≥51.5 Back to Back
        CNR2 (dB) ≥51.5 ≥49.5 65Km optical fiber, 0dBm receive
        CTB (dB) ≥-65 ≥-65  
        CSO (dB) ≥-65 ≥-65  
        SBS restrain (dBm) 13~18 Adjustable
        General feature Communication interface   RS232  
        Power supply (VAC) 220 50/60Hz
        Power Consume (VDC) -48 30~72VDC
        Work temp. (W) 50 Single power works
        Storage temp. (℃) -5~65 Machine temp. control automatically
        Operating relative humidity (℃) -40~85  
        Size (W)×(D)×(H) (mm) 483×368×44 S-Type
        483×454×44 L-Type